3 awesome skills a successful engineer must master


In response to the rising demand of the industrial engineering fields, a high-quality workforce is always sought-after. Moreover, the qualification requirements that an engineer must fulfill are getting more and more stringent. The requirements are not only professional skills but also foreign language proficiency and administrative skills. An engineer who can comply with all the mentioned requirements can find diverse opportunities during their career.

Administrative skills boosting your career prospects.

Obtaining administrative skills can open up to your further promotion in an organization. Let’s find out more about Robert Katz’s Three-Skill Approach – the set of 3 skills that every engineer must know.

Technical skills

It is an essential skill to accomplish any specific task, in other words, it is called the professional qualifications of an administrator. For example, a construction project administrator needs to acquire a profound understanding about standards of construction quality, technical standards of construction drawing, etc. The higher your position is, the higher professional standards you must achieve. However, professional skills are usually not a problem because seniors gradually achieve their positions, hence building up those skills with working experience.

This is a necessary and vital skill for a grassroots level administrator. The higher your administration position is, the less important your technical skills are because senior administrators are not involved in daily technical tasks anymore, they take part in administrative tasks instead.

Human skills

One of the most important responsibilities of administrators is teamwork, they have to work together with their employees. Skills mentioned here include the understanding of how to work together, motivating and allocating human resources. Human skills are administrators’ talent to connect with others, hence creating a great environment to accomplish tasks together.

Human skills are considered as a great opportunity to be promoted as a administrator. Additionally, those skills affects the efficiency in human allocation, use, administration and individual productivity in the organization. This is the key skill that administrators at any level must achieve.

Conceptual skills

This is the toughest skill to acquire and it plays a vital role to senior administrators. They need to have strategic thinking skills to plan strategical and tactical policies dealing with any threats of the organization.

Senior positions require excellence at conceptual skills which means the vision of administrators at the time must include general objectives for them to know each department’s problem then use systematic thinking to analyze the connections, predict and solve existing problems in the firm.

Those are 3 essential sets of skills for an administrator. Senior administrators will need to acquire more skills of conceptualization. By contrast, technical skills are more in need for administrators at lower levels. And regarding human skills, it is important for everyone to forge it.

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