Master in Telecommunications Engineering


Telecommunications are among the fastest developing industries, not only in Vietnam but also other parts of the world with challenges as well as opportunities. The industries has strong impact on other different areas, i.e. mobile, wireless, high frequency network, computer networks, broadcasting, etc. This drives the demands for high-quality workforce in telecommunications engineering areas with essential skill sets, especially managerial skills, when Vietnam join the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

The Master in Telecommunications Engineering aims at:

  • Providing learners with knowledge and skills in telecommunications so that learners are able to become professionals, consultants, managers, leaders in the industry.
  • Prepare learners for opportunities to become prospective managers in different telecommunications areas.


 The Master in Telecommunications Engineering is operated by the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City.

  • The degrees are awarded by HCMUT – Bach Khoa.
  • Course duration: 2 years
  • Medium of instruction: English
  • Tuition Fee: 160,000,000 VND/ course (approx. 7,000 USD)
  • Lecturers and instructors are professionals with rich knowledge and experiences in the construction areas. Besides teaching staff from HCMUT – Bach Khoa, there are lecturers from prestigious partner universities of HCMUT – Bach Khoa coming to jointly enrich the program experience for learners.
  • Scholarship for Telecommunication Engineering students:
    – Our Partner: The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN)
    – Take courses in 1-2 semesters at USN
    – Do Master thesis at USN
General knowledge section
  • Philosophy
  • Management and leadership
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Intensive English 2
  • Intensive English 3
Supplement knowledge section
  • Radio Communication Circuits
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Embedded system design
  • Communication Systems Engineering
Compulsory specialized knowledge section
  • Integrated Circuit Design
  • Microwave Integrated Circuits
  • Advanced Embedded System Design
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Advanced Communication Systems
Optional specialized knowledge section
  • Advanced digital IC design
  • Microprocessor design
  • System on chip design
  • Hardware design using HDL
  • Advanced analog IC design
  • Advanced embedded system programming
  • Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design
  • Biomedical Signals and Imaging
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Computer vision
  • Digital Communication
  • Optimization methods and applications
  • Wireless communications
  • Optical fiber communications
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Data Communications Networks
  • Cryptography and network security
  • Antenna Analysis and Design
  • Microelectronic fabrication processes for IC and MEMS
  • MEMS Design
  • Biomedical instrumentation systems
  • Special topics

Register & Prepare your application

In order to apply for a study program, applicants have to fill in the application form, then submit it together with the following required documents to the BK-IMP Admission Department ( 

  1. Application Form (download below);
  2. Passport;
  3. Bachelor’s degree & Transcript;
  4. Most-updated Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  5. Motivation Letter;
  6. (if any) IELTS 6.0 or equivalence, & other supportive documents.


We will send you detailed information about the scholarship program, including instructions to prepare your application. Please double check your contact information before clicking “Submit”.

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