Master of Construction Management


Vietnam is strongly developing, but the infrastructure system for living and production in Vietnam still needs room for improvement. The need to train human resources in the construction sector in Vietnam is becoming significantly important, especially high-quality human resources with management skills when Vietnam joins the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

The Master of Construction Management program is designed to:

  • Educating students with knowledge and skills in the field of construction management, therefore, students can become experts, consultants, construction project managers, investment project planners, project leaders in construction projects.
  • In addition, students have many other job opportunities in organizations/companies such as: project management board, consultant, main contractor, sub-contractor, supplier, investor, etc.


    International Master Programs – Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is a pioneer and prestigious program for training masters in Construction Management. This is an international master’s course taught entirely in English, the degree is awarded by the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

    • Course: 2 years
    • Language: English
    • Tuition fee: 160,000,000 VND/student/course (Paid by semester)
    • Opening ceremony: October 2023 (expected)
    • Lecturers: Highly qualified and experienced lecturers from HCMUT; and the teaching participation of Professors, Associate Professors, and PhDs from prestigious partner universities worldwide.

      The program formed partnership with Yokohama National University Japan and JFE company, enabling students to do summer internships and participate in short-term training courses.

      Transnational Master Program in Construction Management

      Transnational education (1+1) between International Master Programs – Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Yokohama University (Japan)

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