Petroleum Engineering


The demand for human resources in the oil industry and natural resources exploitation is increasing since Vietnam joined the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and signing the TPP agreement. Domestic and foreign companies operating in the fields of oil and gas, natural resources and minerals have grown, which increases the demand for high-quality human resources in the industry.

International Master Programs of Petroleum Engineering program is designed to educate students:

  • Have a high level of expertise; extensive technical understanding of the oil and gas engineering field, socio-economic development and world integration of the country in the period of industrialization and modernization.
  • Able to use specialized foreign languages fluently and have good technical presentation skills and writing technical documents.
  • Have high professional ethics and professionalism.


International Master Programs – Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is a pioneer and prestigious program for training masters in Telecommunications Engineering. This is an international master’s course taught entirely in English, the degree is awarded by the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

  • Course: 2 years
  • Language: English
  • Tuition fee: 160,000,000 VND/student/course (Paid by semester)
  • Opening ceremony: October 2023 (expected)
  • Lecturers: Highly qualified and experienced lecturers from HCMUT; and the teaching participation of Professors, Associate Professors, and PhDs from prestigious partner universities worldwide.

Partnership: Kyushu University (Japan)

Additional Knowledge
Compulsory Knowledge
Optional Specialized Knowledge

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Project Management



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