Full Scholarships for HCMUT/HCMIU students to pursue a Master’s Degree in Micro and Nano Systems Technology,University of South-Eastern Norway.


University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) plans to award TWO (2) FULL SCHOLARSHIPS for students from HCMUT/HCMIU to pursue a Master’s Degree in Micro and Nano Systems Technology, school year August 2021 – June 2023.

USN has 18.000 students and 8 campuses, and is the fourth largest university in Norway. The university has a strong focus on applied research and development with close connection to the regional industry and public sector. For more information: https://www.usn.no/english/

Information about the master’s degree in Micro and Nano Systems Technology at USN (Campus Vestfold) can be found here https://www.usn.no/academics/find-programmes/engineering-technology-and-it/master-in-micro-and-nano-systems-technology/

What Does the Scholarship Cover?
Education at the master level in Norway is tuition-free. Selected students will be granted a full scholarship NOK 253 460 (about € 23 500) to cover the living cost for 2 years in Norway. In addition, visa cost
(NOK 5 300), start-up grant (NOK 10 000) and travelling expenses (up to NOK 10 300 in total) will also be covered. Students might also receive a support (max. NOK 10 000) for an exchange period at the home institutions (This includes travel expenses and part of accommodation, depending on exchange period).

Submission deadline: December 1st, 2020.
Applicants have the possibility to upload supplementary documents later. It is however important to register the application within that deadline.

Admission requirements

  1. General Requirements

Applicants must

  • Be enrolled as a student at either Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) or International University, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMIU).
  • Have a cumulative grade point average in the BSc grade equivalent to, or better than, a C in the ECTS system.
  • Fulfil the English requirements. One of the following English tests is required:
    • IELTS (academic version) – minimum overall score of 6.0.
    • TOEFL – minimum score of 550 (paper based), 213 (computer based) or 80 (internet based).
    • PTE Academic test – minimum score of 59.
    • Melab – minimum score of 80.
    • Cambridge ESOL examinations (First: B or better, CAE: C or better, Proficiency: C or better).
    • TELC certificates (Telc English B2 or Telc English B2-C1 University, all Telc certificates C1 level).

Note: The certificate that are older than two years will NOT be accepted. Please check in this link for more details regarding English requirements.

  1. Academic Requirements

This programme requires a Bachelor’s degree in micro/nano systems technology, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, bioengineering, physics, materials science, or a closely related area that contains minimum 120 ECTS credits specifically relevant for the programme.

In addition, you must have passed the following:

  • Mathematics at the level equivalent to Mathematics III at USN, which contains partly or entirely following topics: coordinates systems, Kepler’s laws, Parametric curves, Vectors-curves-surfaces in space, Curvature of planar space curves, Derivations, Lagrange’s multiplier method, Multiple integrals, Variable shift methods, Vector calculus, Line-surface-volume integrals, Green’s theorem, Gauss’s theorem, Stoke’s theorem.
    Note: please send the course description (or list of contents) from the mathematic courses that you have passed.

  • A bachelor course in Basic Analogue Technique, which contains partly or entirely the following topics: PN junction, the diode as a circuit element, Bipolar and Field effect transistors, Simple CMOS circuits and amplifiers, Basic amplifier model, Circuit construction with (idealized) operational amplifiers, Frequency response, Operational amplifier theory and performance, Active filters, Component disturbance, Comparators and trigger circuits, Signal generators, VLSI.

Application Procedure

Candidates must follow USN’s admission procedure and apply through the application portal (web based application form) within the deadline. More details regarding “how to apply” to the programme, please check in this link. The applicant must upload required documents in the web application. These are:

  • Letter of motivation. Please indicate if you apply for the full scholarship in the PaproNoVi+ programme.
  • Diplomas and transcripts from Bachelor/Engineering, and secondary education (from 6th to 12th grade)

Note: If your institution does not provide you with an English version of your transcripts/diplomas you must upload both the original and an English translation certified by a notary public (e.g. Phòng công chứng số 1, số 2, số 3,…).

  • English test certificate.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Other required documents: Please check this link.


The best-qualified applicants will be called for interviews and considered for the two scholarships.

Important notice regarding the Covid-19 Situation (for Incoming Full-Degree Students)

Follow this link to update about regulations for coming to Norway and USN regarding the Covid-19 situation.


USN: Assoc. Prof. Bao Quoc Ta, project manager, Bao.Ta@usn.no

HCMUT: Dr. Cuong Huynh Phu Minh, hpmcuong@hcmut.edu.vn

HCMIU: Dr. Long That Ton, ttlong@hcmiu.edu.vn

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