Do you want to have one semester in Norway taking courses or doing your master project within Micro and Nano Systems Technology or Electrical Power Engineering? University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) plans to award6 exchanged scholarships for 1 semester for master students from HCMUT for the Autumn semester 2021

The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) with 18.000 students and 8 campuses is the fourth-largest university in Norway. USN has a strong focus on applied research and development with a close connection to the regional industry and public sector.

Students from HCMC University of Technology (HCMUT) are welcomed to apply for an exchange period Autumn semester 2021 at the master programmes in Micro and Nano Systems Technology (Campus Vestfold) and Electrical Power Engineering (Campus Porsgrunn) at University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). More information about the programmes can be found below. When applying, the student should indicate the courses he or she wants to follow. If interested in six-month scholarship (Autumn semester 2021) and/or doing your master projects at USN, please indicate that in your application.

Steps to apply

  1. Nomination

Make sure that you are officially nominated as an exchange student to USN. Nomination must be done by the International office or equivalent at your home institution.

2. Apply for admission

After the nomination, you need to apply for admission as an exchange student to USN. You will receive an e-mail from with the link to the online application system (please note that this is only for nominated students from our partner institutions!) Please contact in case you have not received any information concerning the online application.

3. Fill in application online

When you log on to the online application system, please choose “International applicants”. Enter your data in the form that appears on the screen, and do not start “New Application”. Fill in the application and choose the right programme.

4. Finalize your application

We recommend that you upload your required documents as soon as you have them. You do not need to wait until all documents are available. The application deadlines are April 15. Please make sure that all your required documents are uploaded no later than this date. To complete the online application, upload the following documents:

  • Learning Agreement:

A list of the courses you wish to take. The learning agreement must be signed by you and your home university. USN will sign it after the application deadline. Students participating in the Erasmus exchange programme must use the standard Erasmus form from their home institution. Please note that Online Learning Agreements (OLA) are currently not integrated in our application system. We kindly ask students with OLA to upload a scanned version as well.

Students from outside of Europe are advised to use their own learning agreement/course approval form. If your university does not have a form, we can send it to you on request.

  • Transcript of records: A list of subjects you have taken in your previous education. The transcript must include the number of credits given and the grade for each course. The transcript should be written in English and be signed, stamped and dated. Students applying for exchange at the Master-level are also required to upload their Bachelor-level transcript showing list of completed subjects.
  • Please note: For the Transcript of records you must register the start date for your current degree at your home institution (the end-date is voluntary) when you upload the document. For the learning agreement and the copy of your ID, you don’t need to fill in any dates.
  • A copy of the European ID or the photo page in your passport: This is the page where your name and nationality is listed.

5. Student housing

All nominated exchange students must apply for student housing directly with SSN. This is a separate process from the student application process. The exchange student must apply by May 1st for autumn semester and October 15th for the spring semester.

6. Processing of the applications: Immediately after April 15/October 15, the applications are sent to each program and department for processing. All applications will be processed as soon as possible, but priority is given to non-EU students that need to apply for a residence permit for Norway. All other students can expect their letters of acceptance in approximately mid- to late May (for autumn semester) / November (for spring semester).

7. Non-EU citizens: Please note that all Non-EU citizens, including Non-EU students already studying in EU/EEA-countries, must apply for a residence permit for studying in Norway. The current fee for the application is NOK 4.900. In addition, these students must document finances/funding for NOK 12.000 per month (approx. NOK 60.000 for a semester). For detailed information about your citizenship, please visit UDI.

8. Additional information: Additional information about individual programs and information about our student assistants, volunteers and social activities will be sent shortly after your admission letter.

– USN: Associate. Prof. Bao Quoc Ta, programme manager,
– HCMUT: Dr. Cuong Huynh Phu Minh,

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