Business Administration


In the industrial revolution 4.0 era, the competitive advantage of society is the knowledge resource towards innovation. Vietnam is facing a huge challenge in terms of the quality of human resources to meet the needs of business administration.

International Master Programs of Business Administration program is designed to:

  • Deliver knowledge and skills in a dialectical and systematic approach to apply to solving managers’ problems related to resources, business processes, partners, customers, markets and society.
  • Educating method of updating information, knowledge and systematic thinking on socio-economic trends and technological advances in order to actively adapt to the dynamic and global business environment.
  • The ability to identify opportunities for start-ups, growth management, corporate restructuring, social enterprises, consulting and innovative types of organizations.


    International Master Programs – Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is a pioneer and prestigious program for training masters in Business Administration. This is an international master’s course taught entirely in English, the degree is awarded by the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

    • Course: 2 years
    • Language: English
    • Tuition fee: 160,000,000 VND/student/course (Paid by semester)
    • Opening ceremony: October 2023 (expected)
    • Lecturers: Highly qualified and experienced lecturers from HCMUT; and the teaching participation of Professors, Associate Professors, and PhDs from prestigious partner universities worldwide.


    * Required