About us

Ho chi minh university of technology 

Established in 1957, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology – Vietnam National University is the leading university of education, scientific research and technology transfer in Vietnam.

  • One of the top organization in engineering and management training in Vietnam.
  • Top 30 universities in Southeast Asia*
  • Top 150 best universities in Asia*

*QS ranking 2019



International Master Programs – Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is a pioneer and prestigious program for training masters in engineering and management. This is an international master’s course taught entirely in English, the degree is awarded  by the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

The curriculum is always actively updated with new technology, management knowledge, and high applicability in practical work. In addition, having lecturers from HCMUT and foreign professors with extensive practical experience, BK-IMP will be one of the best programs to enhance career opportunities, leadership, and entrepreneurial mindset for each student.


Ho Chi Minh University of Technology cooperates with prestigious universities in the world to improve education quality and internationalization through several activities such as building education programs, exchanging students, granting scholarships, awarding international degrees, providing international lecturers, providing internship opportunities abroad…

Kyushu University (KU)

  • The biggest public school on Kyushu Island – Japan
  • Top 7 Imperial Schools in Japan
  • Top 3 Universities with the largest number of international students in Japan

University of South-Eastern Norway (USN)

  • Top 2 universities with the largest number of students in Norway
  • There are 8 campuses in Norway’s counties
  • Rated as one of Norway’s best universities

Yokohama National University (YNU)

  • One of the prestigious national universities in Yokohama city
  • Excel at economics and business studies

University of Uvigo (UVIGO)

  • Top technical university in Galicia, especially in the fields of telecommunications, computer science, industrial engineering and environmental engineering
  • The only university in Spain sending 2 microsatellites into space 

Quality Assurance for International Program

We always strive to invest in programs, teaching methods, lecturers, facilities, students services, and management systems to create valuable courses that are recognized by quality assurance.